Paintings by Neil Conrad


I found myself in a place that looked a lot like the old section of Bismarck, there was a guy on a huge horse 15 feet tall at least, much bigger than a backhoe.  The guy was aging and wore glasses, had a Lg. cowboy hat on and a beige buckskin getup.  the horse was mottled bay and kind of curly.  I had a little chat with the rider as I petted the horse munching on a bit of grass.  after the horse thing there was a huge lot of snow to deal with.  we were driving around not sure where we were going.  had some anxiety, something about an opera score I'd misplaced.  maybe it was Carmen.  I was riding with my father and we drove into a service station that seemed more like a crude oil relay depot.  once we got in there was no way out but driving into a restricted are that seemed to be some sort of a shooting  range.  I was looking for a way to turn around but he just kept right on driving.

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