Paintings by Neil Conrad

october is over

there's a pile of sumi on the drafting table.  I haven't bothered organizing or dating or filing them...  none of the end of the month organization I've practiced for the last 10 months or so.  I've managed to separate the finished ones from the ones that are lacking but I haven't banged on the rejects as I'm apt to call them, and I know they're october because there are no dates on them.  before I would have been super worried about it...    I do know there's about 30 acrylic pieces but the ink?   I haven't even counted.    September  there were over 200 sumi pieces but this month I doubt if I've broken 100. seems like the more I do the more of them that are better.  the point is?   I'm going to go thru by months and see how many I can stand to look at...  there's over 1,000 pieces since the first of the year.  probably 12 or 13 hundred.  I don't know how many are good.  I say that I'm doing them for personal development but if I'm that critical...

before the acrylics came out, things in the sumi department seemed to lighten up a bit.   the forms in this one are ambiguous but suggest traffic barriers, heavy equipment and amusement park rides.  I've been wanting to post new pieces and write some copy and now that I've got the capability it seems a little scary but just have to get over it.