Paintings by Neil Conrad

pink plastic buddha

went to City Ballet tonight and saw Firebird.  so great to see the Chagall drops and costumes.   the piece really came alive with the solo of Ashley Bouder as the Firebird.  such great arms and intention.

wondering if I should just cut this one up and see what happens.  this is the left half.  unlike the first one, none of the colors have come up the same.  I don't know if it looks better or worse?  opposites, right?  they did Prodigal Son in the same program and the trap is playing right into the feeling.  He's pounding his thighs with anticipation but one of the reasons he has to flee is he can't handle how he feels about his father, a very contradictory process but the more you pursue the feeling the more it flattens out but the closer you get to the impetus, the feelings are liable to manifest.  but it's not that safe really.

this sort of says Max Beckman. not that I ever tried real hard to make that happen

see, the problem is the shape of the paper.  it's just such a long way from right to left and the composition is not strong enough to make it..  I may be able to fix it but it's just so big (27 x39") that nobody's gonna want it anyway.  oh well.  these revisions are really essays anyway so big deal.  fun to see some life come into a piece that I wrote off years ago.