Paintings by Neil Conrad

mi mi mi


12" x 12"

been trying to get this up for some weeks.  I think it's from march.  there's one that goes with it, and it's even better but I don't really know where it is.

12" x 12"

okay,  here it is.  not the most flattering photo but I guess it'll do...  this is a straight monoprint;  no brush on it at all.  unusual for me these days.


11" x 14" (et al)

I don't think this has been put up yet.  there's a degree of transparency and a lighter mood than some of the other stuff on here lately.


ink ink ink .....  oink!


this is actually from this week so it pretty much makes everything else feel historical to me at least.  nothing else in this post older than March...  I guess that's a long time ago.