Paintings by Neil Conrad

yu yu yu


just stretched a 46" x 50" sheet of paper, got it done without swearing or tearing. only taken a year of doing it  yea!   these sumi are from Jan '09. not big, 11 x 14.   it's about to storm  now.  what the hell?


got the iTunes playing Rachmaninoff, Humoresque .  the fire truck just taking off like crazy.  got to put some of these old ones up...  I think there's about 100 pieces from jan '09 ranging in size from small to extra large... that's when I really got over the monoprint phase and started using the brush again.  for a long time any kind of sustained effort was thwarted


the storm is passing to the south of us I can see on the radar.  I thought we'd get a good electrical storm but NO!  this one, well.  a bit more of a contrast... there's a good flash!  and close too.


for a little drawing there's certainly a lot in this one.  kind of strange to look at these now because I have trouble accounting for much of what I see in there.


went to see the William Kentridge show at MoMA before it closed earlier in the month and was seriously awed by the force and presence of his drawings.  you can find the films on youtube...  I'd seen The Nose at the Met;  Nothing there really prepared me for the impact of this show, maybe because I was not really expecting much, but that hardly works as a rule.