Paintings by Neil Conrad

sunday painter

it was such a nice sunday and why would I want to stay in, I'd been out for a walk and been thru the park and all over the west village.  I took a much needed nap and thought to go back out in the air, just wanting to get a little more of the sunshine...  got side-tracked ... decided to work this ground I'd prepared the day before.  I'd made a very flat still life with no real character and then started a park-like picture and came back and painted this over the top of it.  I was merrily calling myself a sunday painter, and then took a look at this and it was just so much better than the stuff I'd been doing...  'Crap!' I thought... 'I'll never be able to paint anything so fresh and unassuming.'  and pretty much, I was right.  mostly it's been a struggle... I've been mostly making mud...