Paintings by Neil Conrad



tick tock tock clock.


this one's kind of scary.  still life with death mask.  It's from a frightful time last year when I had some phobia about flying.


no way to really appreciate this one on the blog.  first of all, it's 22" x 30" so the scale just changes everything.


color----  an appreciation


decided to cut the corner off the edge.  It's not right but I did it anyway.  I haven't read Becket, not in a long time.  I saw Godot last summer, two bums and a burgher.  it hardly felt like the greatest play of the XXth century.  Better than Thurber Country or The Crucible but not something to get excited about.  kind of a commentary.  The Chairs of Genet is 10 x more disturbing but feels like what happens and not the idea of what happens.


once on a trip to Ireland I went off by myself and went climbing on the rocks by ocean.  I stood on a rock I'd reached under a cliff and sang for a while.  there was a good acoustic with the rock and the water. the tide came in and I had to take my shoes off and roll up my pant legs.  I don't think anybody saw.


John Marin figured big in my art appreciation course but I must say that it took me a long time to much appreciate him.  it goes against my basic expressionist excessiveness.  and the level of detachment makes me a little bit uncomfortable.


last minute.   I just envisioned color going into the drawings.  my stomach is growling.  I'm seeing color fields with drawings over them.


I thought my heart was untouched but now finding out what it really is... yikes!


Been listening to Tristan und Isolde lately.  it's so beautiful.  it really really sucks.


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