Paintings by Neil Conrad


this painting just got a face lift.  I decided last night that I was just pretending that some of these paintings were finished (or presentable for that matter) and it's time for the revisionist to go into action.  the bicycle helmet as one friend pointed out, nov 29.  seems like I'm having an easier time letting the paint do whatever.

okay, there's an olive w/a pimento somewhere in this painting (can you find it?).  I've been wrestling with this rascal off and on for almost a year now.  finally did enough work on it to call it a draw.   I had a rule at one point that no painting should take more than 20 minutes.  I sold one (not my very favorite but one I liked a lot), a portrait of an aristocratic teen-age girl, a haunting generality, with a muted mustard color ground and neutral tan  shadows.  I'd mixed the tan thinking it was the most amazing color I'd ever seen until I realized where I'd seen that color before.