Paintings by Neil Conrad



there is no bridge per se.  working has become the bridge.  maybe the bridge is posting.  tempting to say things are connected and then try and prove it... unity  prevails.  a monumental collapse.  rest apart.  separation.  this calls for wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper


was listening to legendary Belgian violinist, Ysaye on youtube playing Fauré and there was something about his sound that was surprisingly simple.  the focus of his attention was on the expression behind the sound.  so easy to get caught up in things the other way around and then try and back it up.  there's a possibility of getting stuck in a hat too small.   I  was thinking that some how these things seemed like the biggest revelations I'd encountered in the sumi.... like/unlike/like/unlike/like/unlike..  now they look like revisions.  I just been working on some panels from november a year ago.  once I get into the revising mode, there's any number of things that are up for grabs.


work on thes revisions from dec. has been slow, not a big enough pile to generate a sense of urgency, and now there's fresh work of 2010 that needs to be kept separate.


this is from Dec.  it reeks of revision. DSCN1419\

this new one was the reason I started the post in the first place and now I can't really tell what the reason is for posting it.  these last 2 are new.


there is a bridge in this one, I forgot.  I thought I really liked this one partly because it was the first of the year, but mostly because I didn't understand it.  I understand it less now.  and don't know if I like it.  not a bad thing from the artist's point of view.  too easy to get caught up into doing things that I'm liable to like.  kind of like always making love to the same playlist.  Mozart again?