Paintings by Neil Conrad


DSCN1258investigation, complication, explanation, explanation, explanation.

complication, explanation, investigation, investigation, investigation.

explanation, investigation, complication, complication, complication.


the thing about the card design.  kings and queens and jacks and aces.  clubs and hearts and spades and diamonds.


dancing and eating and studying and shopping .


seeing if this one looks like anything on the site.  smudge.


now there's nothing wrong with painting dogs and cats.  and puppies and kittens.  and rodents. and the owl thing is really something that I can't resist doing some more of... I had a friend once that collected owls.   she had a black cat named Owl.  I never thought that Owl was so special.


did a bunch more work this morning.  well, some more work.   I've got to wait for the sun to photograph them I think.


this piece could be upside down.  not sure what to do about that?  I'm going to post it this way because it's up like this... I think if it was really going to be going the other way around I'd have already figured that out by now since the thing has been around better than a month now, been thru revisions, all that...