Paintings by Neil Conrad


Had an experience listening to Leonard Cohen singing Suzanne on youtube last night.  not what I was looking for,  I'd been listening to Heinrich Neuhaus playing Brahms.  that was sublime.  got a link off twitter for a hysterical comedy routine,  had to look at some reality bites from the 60's.  Orson Welles was the reason I got there.  he was trying to maintain a dignified façade with a particularly rude reporter.  that seemed to be the theme, Leonard Cohen was trying to be cheerful as some 60's reporter was asking why he never changed his name.  made me think of Leslie Howard who changed his name from Steiner.

there was a clip from a Canadian film made in '83 called 'I am a Hotel'.  it had Cohen singing Suzanne.   there were subtitles in Dutch/Flemish.  much too intense.  was more crushing than hearing Jacques Brel sing 'Le Pays Bas'.  when I started these paintings they seemed really cheerful...