Paintings by Neil Conrad



I was revising this for a period of 2 weeks with left over paint from other paintings, it struck me as hopeless, til I took a good look at it today.  okay, there's pretty much no real reason to get upset about this piece, it's just a drawing with color.  But it feels like an ambush,  or I wandered into a cul de sac.


some way to reconcile doing this kind of thing and pretending it just doesn't happen. it might be the reason I haven't worked in color in a week.


what is a hotel painting?  well,  a painting that's been painted to hang in Hotel room.  or in the hall by the elevators.  it's my impression the ideal rests somewhere between Kinkade and imitation Dubuffet.  Hard edged and sappy colors.  Are you a sinner?   there's a Gideon Bible for redemption and a painting to bring some poetry to the experience.  they compliment one another, make everything fit together nicely.


having trouble staying focused. there's the aroma of raw chocolate wafting over me.