Paintings by Neil Conrad

non legato


Heard a lecture last week purportedly about The Nose,   my nose was asking who stepped in doggie doo, checked my shoes.  I was good.  How's that for sometimes?  I'll just dispense w/the obligatory crap here, this seemed like a break-thru last summer.  For a minute I thought I was Napoleon.  Cyclops sans née


the revisions were going along fine but this is not a revision.  I've stopped with the sumi revisions.  now I'm just revising the text.  revisions are not making it into this post so far. every time I load one I cut it.  at least 7 loaded and after I've managed to write some  dopey copy, It's hard to revise when it's really just crap.  they all have gotten cut one by one.


What the hell?  some kind of a bad dream?  the turtle is out of his shell.  this is from some time in october and got revised last week?  I wasn't going to post any of these... HELP!!


the walk-in cooler has a special place in the hearts of many a restaurant employee.  a cool place for a few second of solitude, maybe undisturbed screaming, or a breathless tryst post haste.  that would make an excellent story.  too bad I'd have to make one up.