Paintings by Neil Conrad



yesterday I did the Chelsea art crawl.  what I saw:  Richard Serra...  loved it.  padded thru a maze of milled steel--- it reminded me of my year of life on a cruise ship.  David Hockney... 50/50  Lion King of the Road.  tropical-vivid renderings of some very sober settings.  I think that's why Van Gogh went to the south, but David shines a light of his own on everything he sees, some are fun and fanciful, some are deeper than others.  Moo Kwan Han...  cheerful and thoughtful videos about love, travel and politics.  I met him and he said i smelled like an actor.  He smelled like an artist (actually, he smelled quite distinctly of himself in a good sense.  he seems very honest.)

I've been getting into stones more lately and meditating on them, I think this one is about finding more space and breathing room on account of the stones.  In a crystal arrangement way.   I'll call it 'the pyramid' to keep it real here.    DSCN1084

this still life has to do it's arguing all on it's own.  Half full or half of a half?  Often thinking about Morandi when I attempt these things, like when I worked with numbers I fantasize relationships between the subjects hoping there's some kind of a story will emerge.  this one feels a bit less decorative than some in the past.


'foreshortened vases' harkens back to 'oblique'.  things tip over or just get set on their sides especially if they're in danger of being knocked over...  the background is a poor excuse... observers and mourners look on pretending not to be interested and maybe they're not...


was listening to Rachmaninoff.  the Prelude in C# minor....  love it!  the first chords sum up the piece, the next phrase moderates the intensity of the main theme (not where I would have the piece going) and then it continues on circling until the restating of the theme.  and that's it... it's a Prelude....  no big deal.  Songs can't really do that kind of thing right up front.  I digress.  A painting can make a statement up front and then argues it logically or emotionally to the point of  capsizing or busting it. DSCN1087

Climbing a hill affords me the chance to clear away the minutia and indulge in the grand vista of my narrative process.   who has come before me?  how far have I come on the perilous path?  Is my bunion going to start bothering me on the way down?  yea!


Radiohead.  there's never enough noise to drown out the nonsense I'm thinking.  I love to paint to music, in the 80's it was bad jazz and whatever else was playing on the micro-station in my neighborhood.  In Antwerp my favorite station  Radio Zuidelijk played American music from the 50's... I felt like I was a boy again in the barber shop in Bismarck.  that was oldies fare by then.  Electronica figures big in my sound track now.  and Wagner overtures, anything truly grandiose.  yeah,  Radiohead.